From the Interstate to the San Juan Islands

After three weeks in sunny San Diego it was time to head back to the boat….

San Diego Self Realization FellowshipOne of the reasons we made the trip to San Diego was to pick up our cargo trailer full of boat and household stuff.  We took full advantage of having access to a garage to go through all of our things and re-organize. When we sold Camille we didn’t have much time or space and pretty much just tossed everything into the trailer. Packing our gearWe had planned on renting a truck to haul our trailer to Washington but Mike’s parents offered to tow it for us in their own car. (Thank you!!) After only 200 miles on the road we had our first (and only) tire failure on the trailer.  The entire wheel just flew off! Good thing we have a two axle trailer. We spent an unplanned night in Bakersfield and were able to get back on the road the next day.Cargo trailer tire Cargo trailerAfter three days of driving we finally made it back to the boat.  We made a few provisioning runs and headed to the San Juan Islands on a perfect weather forecast.

On a side note: Since we usually don’t have access to a car when we are cruising we like to stock up. A few weeks ago I found this amazing shelf-stable, no refrigeration required bread. It lasts for four months, is organic, non-GMO and tastes freshly baked. Mystery Bay Washington Underway Monk 36 Limerick Dinghy on beach Sunset in Washington Shallow Bay Sucia Island Sucia Island Sucia Island Sucia Island Matia Island dock