Dodd Narrows, BC

Monk 36 Limerick goes to CanadaSeeing the BC ferries is a sure sign that we made it to Canada! We checked in at Bedwell Harbor with a simple phone call to customs. The poor chap next to us was searched and interviewed for hours. He was complaining loudly about his fate, so it just goes to show that if you show a little respect and follow the rules there are no problems.DSCF9566While underway this is usually our setup. Cruising guide, plotter/sounder and iPad with Navionics app. Above is another sounder. DSCF9553After checking into Canada around noon we made it to Dodd Narrows just in time to catch a nice 3-4 knot current at 6pm. We actually had to slow down on the way there so we would not be going with a 6-7 knot current.DSCF9557Here is a short time-lapse video of our transit through the narrows.